New video of our Sembach testdrive online !

What is Lightning Cat XR2 ?

Lightning Cat XR2 is a project dedicated to planning and building of a fully remote controlled car.
After completion of this project, a vehicle with following features will be realized:

Remote controlled components:

  • Headlights on/off
  • Horn on/off
  • Blinker left/right
  • Headlight flasher
  • Steering wheel
  • Brake and gas pedal

The car is controlled by a Joystick connected to a PC or alternatively on a PDA touch screen..

Telemetric connections in a closer range (~250 meters) including videostreaming are established via WLAN.
By using a pure navigate connection and with a special radio data transmission connection (in ISM band) the car can be controlled up to 4 kilometers (app. 2,5 miles).

The car is a Mitsubishi Colt (1988) with

  • Servo steering
  • Automatic gearshift

Why Lightning Cat XR2 ?

The final decision to start this project was made by Stefan 'TheMinouche' Schadt.
His former project "Lightning-Cat" which was about building a small robot could not measure with the idea of building a remote controlled car, so he dumped it down. The project's successor was Lightning Cat XR2. XR meaning eXtended Revision. Short after, more by this idea infected people where found with the intension to influence this project with their ideas and knowledge.