Team - Eugen Zitlau

Eugen Zitlau


  • Mechanical control system for the steering wheel
  • Mechanical control system for the pedals
  • Quality management

About me ...

I am Eugen Zitlau and 23 years old. Originally I am from Kazakhstan. I have made the German high school diploma in 2004 and right now I am studying plastics at the technical college (Fachhochschule) Kaiserslautern in the 5th semester. I am interested in music and sport. In fact, to study takes the most time in my life. But I have still not forgotten what it mean to live and to have fun. I have also time for the nice things in my life. For example make music and chill with my friends or to work at such cool projects as Lightning Cat.

Reasons to join this project ...

During my studies I had to construct many units or machines in Solid Works (CAD program). But this was just pure theory. That means that this machines never was built. Joining this project has given me the chance to realize the theoretic things. All this has showed me that with all my knowledge I am able to construct machines or units which really work. And now you can see: This car really drives without someone inside! And what I would still like to say is: Lightning Cat is simply a really cool project.