Demands to the car, that where decisive for the acquirement::

  • Ready to drive
  • Automatic gearshift
    Because of automatic gear shifting the steering of manual gearshift and clutch are not required
  • Cheap
  • Can legally be driven from the seller to the garage

The journey

The car was acquired at "Automobile J├╝rgen Reis" near Kaiserslautern. From there the journey began with red licence plates. First destination was a disused flight path in Sembach. After a copious test drive the car was set down in Erlenbach.
It soon became obvious that the garage was too small and the possibilities where limited so the car moved to Steinwenden to a much bigger and better equipped garage..

The car how we bought it

Mitsubishi Colt GLXi

Painting: white
Date of build: 1988
Motor: 1300 ccm, 84 PS

Preparation of the car for modification

  • dismounting of both seats in the front
  • dismounting of back seat and hat rack
  • dismounting of all plastic parts
  • dismounting of the carpet
  • exposure of the wiring under the dash board

The modification

  • installation of a wooden board in the area of the backseat and trunk.
  • tinting of all windows in the rear.
  • replacement of the car battery
  • ... now the car is ready for the installation of mechanic and electronic parts